Records of Resilience
A 5 Part Series Commissioned by T Brand Studio for Ancestry
Episode 1- How a Podcaster Unearthed His Story—and Found a New Family: Podcaster Corey Cambridge was always curious about his past. 
Episode 2 - A Legacy of Adventure From NOLA to NicaraguaSinger Robin Barnes was curious about her family's connection to New Orleans. 
Episode 3 - My Family Has Been Voting Since 1867Artist Amarie Baker wanted to know more about her great, great grandmother and the values she instilled in their family about the importance of voting. 
Episode 4 - A Story She Never KnewLawyer Kimberly Cook traces her family back to Louis B. Toomer, a Black educator and organizer who taught newly freed people how to read during the Reconstruction Era.
Episode 5 - A History Lesson One Professor Will Never ForgetMichael Dinwiddie first started tracing his lineage when he was in elementary school. Ancestry® helped him find the answers he always wanted.
Director: Travis Wood
Agency: T Brand Studio​​​​​​​
Client: Ancestry
Production Company: Meerkat Media