Records of Resilience
A 5 Part Series Commissioned by T Brand Studio for Ancestry
Episode 1| How a Podcaster Unearthed His Story—and Found a New Family: Podcaster Corey Cambridge was always curious about his past. 
Episode 2 | A Legacy of Adventure From NOLA to Nicaragua: Singer Robin Barnes was curious about her family's connection to New Orleans. 
Episode 3 | My Family Has Been Voting Since 1867: Artist Amarie Baker wanted to know more about her great, great grandmother and the values she instilled in their family about the importance of voting. 
Episode 4 | A Story She Never Knew: Lawyer Kimberly Cook traces her family back to Louis B. Toomer, a Black educator and organizer who taught newly freed people how to read during the Reconstruction Era.
Episode 5 | A History Lesson One Professor Will Never Forget: Michael Dinwiddie first started tracing his lineage when he was in elementary school. Ancestry® helped him find the answers he always wanted.
Director: Travis Wood
Producers: Chloe Gbai, Chika Okoli, Jay Sterrenberg
Agency Producer: Danny Walton
Agency: T Brand Studio​​​​​​​
Client: Ancestry
Production Company: Meerkat Media